Kajan Cake was founded in 2013 with the focus on beauty that is polite while making a statement. Pieces that are timeless, accented with the unique. Our designs use classic lines with a contemporary edge.  We strive to produce clothing that makes a woman feel beautiful, without sacrificing her comfort.

All our pieces are designed and manufactured using responsible materials.  We are passionate about making beautiful unpretentious clothes and helping elevate San Francisco as a fashion capital.

Kajan Cake's Chiffon Jersey Gown

Kajan Cake's Chiffon Jersey Gown

Designer + Founder = Cake Carlos

Kajan Cake was founded by Kanjana “Cake” Carlos, to create quality women’s clothes that brings out the beauty in women, no matter what her size.  Cake was born to a poor farming family in the lush countryside of Thailand.  While Cake was still a young child, her father was killed over a piece of farm land, forcing Cake’s mother to move herself and her older sister to Bangkok; where her mother found work as a sewer at one of the large garment factories.  As a young girl, Cake would help her mother at the factory after school every day, where she learned how to sew and found her passion for creating fashionable clothes.  After immigrating to the United States, Cake attended and graduated from the fashion design school at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) San Francisco in 2008.  While in school, Cake worked in the alterations group at Nordstrom where she gained real world experience and mentoring from the vastly experienced staff.  After graduation, she worked with renowned San Francisco based designer Lily Samii for the next two years.   In 2010 Cake and a fellow designer opened up Kajan Padraig Women’s Wear, growing the business to be featured in over 15 boutiques across the country.  As a highlight in this period of her professional life Cake designed a custom golden cocktail dress, worn by Ashley Hinshaw in the feature film "About Cherry".  In 2013, Cake decided to start her own label, naming her clothing company Kajan Cake, which is an abbreviation of her given name Kanjana, which means “golden” in Sanskrit.

Cake's design esthetic comes from her rich Thai culture where the arts and rituals can both be simple in its presentation, such as the folding of the petals of a lotus flower used as an offering during ceremonies; or ornate and intricate as the Thai architecture found in the Thai Wats (Buddhist temples).  As a youth Cake earned numerous awards and medals for her work in traditional Thai fruit carvings, giving us a hint of her aptitude for the technical.  A talent reflected in the handwork and detail in construction found in her garments.  The inspirations in her designs come from the touch, texture and hand of the fabrics themselves.  Which she pairs with her obsession for shapes and silhouettes that she sees in everyday objects, such as architecture, leaves, mountains and even the overlapping of shadows. 

 "Be kind, sensitive and thoughtful to each other; it can be shown by the choice of what you choose to wear."   -Kanjana "Cake" Carlos

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