Hello everyone,

Meet Kanjana Cake Carlos, Fashion Designer in San Francisco that I was introduced  to at FISF New co event  and had the privilege of interviewing her today. She wanted me to call her Cake because that was the nickname given in her home town Thailand.

Fun fact she only used her real name when formally speaking or with documentary purpose. It was difficult for people other than her family members to pronounce her name correctly, so she stuck with the name when she moved to the states.

Me:Let’s begin, shall we. How are you feeling today? 

Cake: Good, over whelmed with opportunities that are coming my way. From incubator helping me out, several events and show rooms have opened up to me that I’m very blessed for. Look out for my  fundraising event in November 5th. Also there are open jobs available for the event if you’d like to partake.

Me: Thank you. I’d love to attend you must keep me informed.

How would you define Fashion?

Cake: To dress well. Any male or female who has an understanding of functional clothing whether it be comfortable, trendy, or elegant. To dress appropriate for any occasion.

Me: How would you describe your personal style? Now that you are a designer have you switched your dressing habits or regime? 

Cake: For me, I’m  definitely a tom boy before and after my marriage. I’m mostly casual unless it calls for a  formal occasion. You have to be respectable in that aspect. I create for my customer target not for myself. No one should dress like me at all. T-shirt and pants.

Me: What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion?

Cake: Running away from dealing with factories.  My mom was a full time seamstress in a factory to earn a living. I saw how much work it was for her, and I wanted to make a living doing something related to fashion but I couldn’t put my finger on it at that time. I often helped my mom sew in a factory that was the beginning of my fashion interest.

Me:  What is your ideal client for Kajan Cake woman? 

Cake: Well educated  woman who doesn’t have to be doctor or lawyer. A woman who grasps my  creativity, appreciates my designs for the quality and price point that it is.  You price yourself for your worth.  I carefully pick fabrications that fit all skin types. Uniquely sweet and classic slogan in the process. Copy written slogans and trade marks are very important.

Me: Agreed. 

What do you think are the current and future trends?

Cake: Right now I notice that people go after sustainable garments. Anything that has a re-purpose. The future is definitely recycling garments. To take a garment that you already made and make small adjustments to it keeps your clothing on the market. Never throw away fabric.  The future is having fabric manipulation for new designs which I’ve already started with some garments.

Me: What are some of the fabrications you use, being that you manufacture in San Francisco bay area? 

Cake: Jersey and knit fabrications mostly.. and some silk pieces. I often do   sample collections to save money, and time, and all the factories are in the bay area ( SF, Berkeley, and Oakland). I have my main office in Berkeley not too far from the super market, Berkeley Bowl.  I can just walk less than 5 minutes to grab a cup of coffee.

Me:  One of my favorites from your collection is the silhouette dress, what event would be suitable for this style of dress? 

Cake: This dress has no limitations. Any woman who’s daring enough wants to  make a statement in this dress. Any occasion would work, but has to fit the purpose of the consumers needs. It’s like a building in front of you, the color contrast really makes a statement so your drawn to it.  The lining that the consumer chooses has an impact also.

Me: Last question, I noticed on your website you have “coming soon” spring collection 2016-2017. Do you have any details for what’s in-store for that line? Will it be ready to wear?

Cake: It will be ready to wear.  There are six new pieces that will be showcased at the fundraiser in November. I’m  building a look book so stay tuned for that. I’ll have enough of my collection to carry on for the next year.  I want to really pace myself with time and with spending. The collection will be ready for a trade show and sales for Fashion week in February.  

Thank you for your time! I have listed links below to follow Kajan Cake on her journey as a Bay Area Fashion Designer.